Melissa Wood lectures at Pence Gallery, Davis, CA in 2011: "Flora, Fauna, and other Companions"
Photos: Christopher Beer 2011


Melissa Wood: 'hive” Installation / Residency, 2006, Davis Art Center, Davis, California
Photo: Charles Kennard

Sweet Layers:  hive
My exploration of the hive began in 2003 during a residency at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco.  I draw on
research and discussions about honey bees and their social structure through interviews, the internet, historical
and scientific texts, and personal inspection of the insects.  

My hive installations examine layers of meaning and experience seen in the context of the honey bee hive. 
Through juxtaposing layers the work directs the viewer to examine its' meaning through imagery in a manner
similar to sifting through memory to make sense of life, time and events. 

The hive installations expand from two-dimensional paintings to organic sculptures which protrude from the wall and
dance in the air.  Some of the sculptures seem swaddled and protected, some are constricted, some seem eaten through
with "beautiful anxiety."  I use materials commonly associated with agriculture and apiculture and I reference history and text. 
The honey, pollen and nectar relate to iconic texts. 


Melissa Wood: LIQUID - WHAT it is, WHAT you do with it & WHY - Artist Studio Residency, Exhibition / Demonstrations,
Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, de Young Art Center and Legion of Honor, San Francisco, California
Photo: Jane Grossenbacher


Teaching and Residency Projects:

2011 Lecture: "Flora, Fauna, and other Companions," Pence Gallery, Davis, CA Curator: Natalie Nelson

2007 Producer,” the hive lecture”, by E. Mussen, Ph.D., UC Davis, Yolo County Public Library, Davis, CA,
  Guest Art Instructor, People Reaching Out, After School Program, Sacramento, CA
  Curator, Display exhibition, “the hive…related imagery and texts” Yolo County Public Library, Davis, CA

2006 dcn.org, Community Based Website Awarded to Melissa Wood for the hive project
 'hive” Installation / Residency, Davis Art Center, Davis, California

2005 Juror, Encina Gallery - Kingsley Art Club High School Student Art Competition, Sacramento, CA

2004 Instructor, “Telling Your Story” Adult Art Workshops, de Young Art Center, FAMSF, San Francisco, CA

2003 Instructor, “Collected Objects into Art” Adult Art Workshops, de Young Art Center, FAMSF, San Francisco, CA

2003 “Demonstrations” Artist Studio / Demonstration Residency, de Young Art Center and Legion of Honor, FAMSF, San Francisco, CA

2000 ArtReach Grant Instructor, SADVC of Yolo County
 Curator, “The Home as Self Portrait,” Yolo County Public Library, Davis, CA
 Curator, “The Home as Self Portrait,” CA State Board of Control, Public Affairs & Communication, Sacramento, CA
 Speaker, “Art and Healing,” 5th Annual Harvest Luncheon Fundraiser, SADVC of Yolo County, Woodland, CA
 Volunteer of the Month (ArtReach Grant work), SADVC of Yolo County, CA

1996-92 Instructor, Community Education, College of Marin, Kentfield, CA

1996 Instructor, Indian Valley Artists, Novato, CA

1995 Instructor, Kearny Street Workshop, San Francisco, CA

1994-93 Instructor, “Alternative Photography,” Kala Art Institute, Berkeley, CA
 Private Instructor, Art Education for Adults and Children, Mill Valley, CA
 Instructor, Painting, Tamalpais Union Adult Education, San Anselmo, CA
 Instructor, Humboldt State University, Extended Education, Arcata, CA

1993 Instructor, "Negotiating the Nineties: Opportunities for Visual Artists,” UC Berkeley Extension, San Francisco, CA
  Instructor, Continuing Education, California State University, Los Angeles, CA
  Session Leader, "Finding Your Niche,” Careers in The Arts, San Francisco State University, CA



all artwork copyright © Melissa Wood